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High Throughput Cytotoxicity

Cytolytic activity is an important process for eliminating intracellular pathogens and cancer cells.  This process is accomplished through various immune effector mechanisms including Natural Killer (NK) leukocytes. Natural killer activity is an innate immune response accomplished by non-specifically lysing infected cells 

• No radioactive compounds so potential health risk is eliminated.
• Reduction in spontaneous leakage, which has resulted in high background readings in the past.
• Cytolytic activity is measured at a single cell level by flow cytometry

Kit sizes of Cy150, Cy250, Cy500 or Cy1000 tests including materials for optimization of effector/target cell ratios (see line graph above).
• CFSE fluorescent membrane stain for labeling the target cells
• 7-AAD for Live-Dead Stain 

Cytotoxicity Manual


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